Joe Pintauro

Venice, Repository of Consolations

"It is a fact that almost every one interesting, appealing, melancholy, memorable, odd, seems at one time or another, after many days and much life, to have gravitated to Venice by a happy instinct, settling in it and treating it, cherishing it, as a sort of repository of consolations; all of which today, for the conscious mind, is mixed with its air and constitutes its unwritten history. The deposed, the defeated, the disenchanted, the wounded, or even only the bored, have seemed to find there something that no other place could give.”
Henry James

"These memories, which are my life, for we possess nothing certainly except the past, were always with me, like the pigeons of Saint Mark's everywhere under my feet."
Evelyn Waugh

“Solitudine non e' essere soli e amare glie altri inutilmente.”
translation: “Loneliness is not being alone, it is loving others in vain.”  
Mario Stefani
(graffiti by the poet painted in red on the Rialto Bridge in Venice,
before his suicide in 2001)